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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“We kissed while he played with my breasts”

“We kissed while he played with my breasts”

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    “As he groaned I pressed my hand harder”

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    “Instantly he had his hands inside my suit”

Last year I was dancing in a beach bar in Thailand when I noticed a couple eyeing me up. After a few drinks they came over and introduced themselves as Greta and Christen: young, married and Norwegian. Christen wasn’t really my type, but I found Greta sexy: her Scandinavian accent, blonde hair and blue eyes were a real turn-on. Even though I’d never had a threesome it was obvious what was on all our minds and we were soon walking along the beach to their holiday house, and after a few nervous giggles I agreed to join them in bed.

Our clothes were discarded and our hands and mouths began to explore each other’s bodies. Greta kissed me while her man played with my breasts. Christen then slid a hand between each of our legs and pushed two fingers inside my wet pussy, and two in hers. We returned the favour by taking it in turns to suck his cock. The booze meant we were uninhibited and Greta climbed on top of Christen, and he beckoned me to sit on his face. I came in seconds, while Greta did what she did best and rode her bloke into a huge orgasm. I regularly think long and hard about that experience, usually with my fingers.


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