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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“Whipped off my knickers and slipped into me”

“Whipped off my knickers and slipped into me”

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    “Instantly he had his hands inside my suit”

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    “Shimmying my pants down, I took out his cock”

I live with a guy who I’ve never fancied, we are just great housemates and we keep it at that. But all this changed when I split up with my boyfriend recently. My housemate took me out for some drinks to cheer me up and I drunkenly told him I was already missing sex. The conversation got quite candid and he asked if I’d like him to shag me that night. We discussed it and I agreed that a one-off shag would do no harm.

Excitedly, we raced back to our flat, into my room and got down to it. I never knew this side of him but he picked me off my feet, lay me on my back, whipped off my knickers and slipped into me. It was bliss. He pinned me to the bed and I pulled him deeper into me. I have never been screwed so hard and the slight pain was fantastic. Eventually I told him to come on me, so, pushing my T-shirt up he did, shooting across my chest before collapsing, exhausted. What are friends for after all?


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