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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“Without saying a word we were kissing”

“Without saying a word we were kissing”

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    “But I was too close to coming to stop”

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    “To reward him I let him slide inside my bum”

Every New Year I like to set myself a naughty resolution and this year was no exception. I work as a bargirl and on the big night it was all hands on deck so the new, extremely fit barman who’d been working there for just a week was also on a shift. I instantly made him my resolution. Flirting like crazy I began feeling a kinky tingle well before midnight and the endless brushing past each other made serving drinks to pissed up partyers far more bearable.

Come midnight the bar cleared for the countdown and the barman motioned for me to follow him out to the storeroom. Without saying a word we were kissing and grinding hard against each other with his hands going straight for my pussy. With his fingers inside me I played with his hard cock until I knew he was about to orgasm. Sinking to my knees I took him in my mouth for just a few seconds until he came. Having swallowed all, he helped me to my feet, sat me on a beer barrel and licked gently on my clit until I came too. When we returned, flustered, to the bar there was one hell of a queue for drinks but even that couldn’t wipe the smile from my face.


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