Vanessa Hudgens brought her sexy back to the red carpet as she attended the premiere of a film called Charlie St. Cloud in Los Angeles. Charlie St. Cloud stars Vanessa Hudgens' boyfriend Zac Efron and looks about as enjoyable as a full frontal lobotomy, so the real sense of occasion was the appearance of Vanessa Hudgens’ eminently touchable back. That might be the perviest thing we’ve ever written.

But what we’re trying to say is that Vanessa Hudgens’ back looks like it might have special powers. It’s like her thoracic spine (from the base of the neck to about 4-5in below where her bra strap would normally be) has healing powers. Let’s try it, shall we? Here goes….

Vanessa Hudgens hot

Vannesa Hudgens has a sexy back and legs and ass

Vanessa Hudgens beautiful smile

WOAH. Feel better? Yeah. Spooky.

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