Vanessa Hudgens is most famous for the High School Musical movies, which were a few years ago now. Like almost any young actress who starts out all squeaky clean and Disneyfied (aside from those leaked naked pictures) she's now going for a more 'grown up' image. Which means prancing about pretending to be a hooker with HIV.

Vanessa Hudgens in Rent at the Hollywood Bowl

Vanessa starred this weekend in a new version of the musical Rent at the Hollywood Bowl. The story's about lots of people in '80s New York having STDs, being addicted to drugs and generally feeling quite sad, and Vanessa plays a drug-addicted S&M stripper who unfortunately contracts HIV. But that's depressing. What's not depressing is how incredible she looked. Apparently she was also pretty good at the acting and the singing.

Vanessa Hudgens in Spandex at the Hollywood Bowl

This is not Vanessa's only effort to move into an acting career that won't see her plastered across pencil cases and lunchboxes. She'll also star in Sucker Punch, from the director of 300 and Watchmen. The trailer for that is pretty insane. It has beautiful women, a dragon and a samurai ninja. There's literally nothing you can add to that to make it better.