Vanessa Hudgens is going out with Zac Efron, and has been since 2007. Long time, that. They’ve probably reached that stage where they no longer kiss with tongues first thing in the morning, downgrading instead to an affectionate but musty nuzzle. If Zac Efron leaves skidmarks in the toilet, Vanessa Hudgens has seen them, and tutted. They’ve drunk hot, malty drinks on the sofa together while watching Jay Leno. They’ve reprimanded one another for nose-picking and nail-biting.

But however sourly we spin our deep, deep jealousy of the High School Musical couple, there’s something we can’t describe as anything other than amazing. And that’s Efron’s view of Hudgens slinking into some tiny denim shorts on a sunny morning in Los Angeles. If you’ve seen the Vanessa Hudgens bikini pictures, you can imagine what we’re talking about. If you’ve seen the Vanessa Hudgens nude photos from the September 2007 controversy, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Hudgens is currently working on 3D fantasy adventure Sucker Punch, helmed by Watchmen director, Zack Snyder. It’s like “Alice in Wonderland, but with machine guns”. His words.