Vanessa Perroncel: the woman, the papers will have you believe, in the wrong place at the wrong bloody time when John Terry got the horn. Ever since ‘Bridge/Terrygate’ broke, you’ve been begging us to feature the 34-year-old French swimwear model at the centre of the scandal that gave England’s World Cup bid the worst possible start. The woman who prompted Wayne Bridge to cross his ex-Chelsea teammate off his list of ‘people he’d invite to Nando’s’. The woman who can’t possibly be to blame for Wayne Rooney playing like a donkey. The woman who’s currently suing six different papers for breach of privacy and defamation.

But here she is, in her finery, fronting the Access section of the August issue FHM, on shelves Thursday, July 8. It’s definitely the only place to read her side of the story, which Perroncel told FHM with her skin still shining with the residue of baby oil from the shoot: “I was supposed to have had sex with him five times a week. It’s just horrid.”

Vanessa Perroncel's breasts are in FHM

Vanessa Perroncel tells the truth about John Terry and
Wayne Bridge

 - It goes on sale on Thursday, July 8

 - There's a massive Total Upgrade section. 50 pages worth, to be precise

 - Numbers: 102 summer style shortcuts, 31 amazing sex cheats, 23 tips to being funny and 5 methods to kill a man

Marisa Miller in the August issue of FHM