Anyone who watched the 2009 World Track Cycling Championships in March will be aware of two things. Firstly, that FHM’s July issue cover star Victoria Pendleton has the sort of legs that could, should you inadvertently find yourself in a sexual embrace with the woman, kill you. Secondly (but this is for viewers in HD), Pendleton cried so much that her lips were spasming and big drippy bogeys were on their way. Here she is in action:

She’s a woman of substance, a body constructed for function rather than form, but 100% cellulite-free and built, as it were, for speed. Swapping Lycra for ‘sporty’ lingerie, Pendleton stepped in front of FHM’s cameras for an exclusive interview and cover shoot…

Scroll down to see Victoria Pendelton's exclusive FHM pictures!

Also in the mag this month is our 2009 High Street Honeys winner, Charlotte Thomson, representing pretty much the only thing on the high street that hasn’t been closed down and turned into a squat:

Best of the rest: the return of our 100 Great Adventures guide to the most adrenaline-fuelled (and daft) trips on Earth, a rare interview with Family Guy genius Seth MacFarlane, grooming on a budget and how to defend yourself against the Taliban. Get it - in shops Thursday 28 May.

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