“Before the show, I do a vocal warm-up, then I cover my entire body in baby oil, and then I roll in glitter, and then it’s time to go.”

She said that.

"I like big, fat guys with beards that wear thick glasses. I like the hidden gems, the diamonds in the rough. I like really awkward, fat, bearded people."

She also said that.

"I've kissed girls before, but my preference is a wiener."

Yep, and that. But who is she? According to FHM writer Tom Howard, "she's possibly the worst pop star of all time". But if that's not very helpful, the next best reference point is 'the girl that sings Tik Tok'. The chorus goes like this:

Don't Stop
Make it Pop
DJ blown my speakers up
Tonight I'ma fight
Till we see the sunlight
Tick tock on the clock
But the party don't stop
No oh, oh oo whoa oo whoa oh
Oh oo whoa oo whoa oh
Oh oo whoa oo whoa oh

Got it yet? We sure hope so, because it recently came to our attention that Ke$ha (real name Kesha Rose Sebert) is one of the most googled women on the planet and warrants a presence on FHM.com. But is she hot? Not according to the brilliant man at wwtdd.com, who posted these pictures of Ke$ha in a swimsuit on a beach in Australia and concluded that, "she can’t sing, her body sucks and she’s fug as hell." But we're willing to hold fire on this woman for the time being because, if you believe the lyrics to her songs, she brushes her teeth with Jack Daniels and puked in a closet. And because pictorial evidence suggests that she feels comfortable in bath tubs, gets on really well with Katy Perry and can glam it up when she needs to. Observe:

 Ke$ha in a bath tub:

Ke$ha doing something with Katy Perry:

Ke$ha looking gold and groovy in the desert:

 Ke$ha on her debut album: