Meet Zahia Dehar, the woman who claims to have persuaded French footballers Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema and Sidney Govou to part with £2,000 a night for sex, and prompted reader ‘Jake’ to disclose, “I’d seriously consider emptying out my joint bank account just to spend an hour with her.”

Dehar, who only turned 18 in February, spilt the mangetout beans when French police raided the Café Zaman brothel on the Champs-Élysées last week. The players have all admitted having sex with Dehar, but deny knowing that she was underage at the time. Amusingly, Lyon winger Sidney Govou was reportedly ‘very surprised when she asked [him] for money’.

Dehar told police: “I slept with the men, but I wasn’t truthful about my age. I loved them all. They treated me with utter respect and should be left alone. They spoiled me, and looked after me. They were my men.” If it’s proved that the players knew her age, they could face three years in prison and be fined half a week’s wages. That’s bullshit, obviously. The fine's in the region of £40,000 and has absolutely nothing to do with their wages.

So, a brillianty shameful scandal for the French national team. But better or worse than John Terry’s philandering? And why?