Undoubtedly, Zoe Saldana’s career from now on will be split into her work before and after Avatar. She’s kind of like the two-time former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion and Olympic gold medallist George Foreman in that way, who only really got famous once he invented the George Foreman Grill.

We don’t want to be mean, but no one ever has or ever will given a damn about Drumline, The Terminal or Guess Who. She did have roles in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and Star Trek, but ultimately James Cameron’s elaborate cartoon about blue people and trees raised her profile to 'big time' levels.

And now look at her. She’s starring in The Losers alongside Stringer Bell, some chap called Jeffrey Dean Morgan and a man called Chris Evans who apparently isn’t the Radio 2 DJ which, frankly, is ridiculous. So anyway, here’s Zoe Saldana with two guns and looking kind of badass:

And if you think that’s good, have a look at this picture of Zoe Saldana holding an even bigger gun:


The Losers is in cinemas on May 28.