In constant search of bad-ass manly advetures, FHM have sent one of their men all the way to Tasmania to compete in the six-day Mark Webber challenge.

The challenge, in case you're not familiar, is an epic adventure race that includes running, kayaking and cycling, while self-navigating your way across 350km of stunning Tasmanian terrain.

Here's what we've learnt so far...

01  Running, kayaking and biking for 12 hours a day is not easy.


02  Tasmania is so remote that the very idea of getting lost there is scarier than meeting your girlfriend's dad.


03  Our night vision could be massively improved if we were allowed to use millitary-grade goggles.

04  If you forget about the pain, exhaustion, people shouting at you, cold nights and your sunburnt head, it's actually quite fun.

05  The Aussies aren't forgetting about the cricket in a hurry, as Mark Webber pointed out: "Coming from England, you're also going to have to handle a lot of Aussie Pom-bashing – especially now that you’ve been beaten in the first Test match..."