It’s the pinnacle of the horseracing calendar with a roll-call of legendary trainers, runners and riders and surprising outcomes that you can never quite call.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t try. FHM caught up with 8 year-old Milo, TV psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker and William Hill’s race expert Richard Thomas to find out who they think you should be putting your money on.

I think that the best ones will be What A Friend because he might go really fast if he's trying to make lots of friends.

Also Sunnyhillboy because he can go up things like hills really fast.

Tatenen is also super-duper fast and his name is good.

I think that Major Malarkey will win them all though because every time that an alarm goes off everyone goes crazy and if he's called Major Malarkey he can run away from something that's really scary if it's chasing him. He'll win it.

Oscar Time is a good one because he can go twice as fast as the red hand on the clock can go which is fast.

I'd bet £250 on the races and if I won I'd spend it on three furbies because i'd have enough money then.

I tuned into my sixth sense before looking at the line up and the name that I was given was called ‘Dark Knight’ but there aren’t any horses running with this name.

There is a horse running called ‘Harry the Viking’ though which is similar but not strictly a Knight. He’s not a favourite but I have a feeling that this horse is a winner.
I also did a little dowsing over some of the names and read a few tarot cards, together with a little clairvoyance too. I feel that Teaforthree, On His Own, Chicago Grey, Balthazar Kind and Chicago Grey are all potential winners...

William Hill are sure that On His Own will start favourite, after the latest declaration saw 49 horses left in the big race.

Other favourites and the best backed horses so far in terms of number of bets in the Grand National are: Seabass, Imperial Commander, Teaforthree, Sunnyhillboy and Cappa Bleu.

All of which are worth a look.

Odds provided by William Hill.

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