Sex. It’s brilliant isn’t it? A universal activity that brings people together and makes us all feel pretty damn good about ourselves. At least it does if we do it safely.

Something, tragically, not everybody does, or even has the option to do,  a problem that Durex are quite rightly trying to sort out.

Durex has teamed up with MTV to get people talking about sex, and make us all a little bit healthier by helping HIV projects around the world with its new #SomeoneLikeMe campaign. And you can help.

All you need to do is watch the above video in full (it’s only 59 seconds long – you couldn’t even boil an egg in that time) and share it with as many people as possible. For every person that watches it, those saucy chaps at Durex will donate one condom to a HIV project around the world and help the fight against HIV.

So get watching, get sharing and let's make the world a healthier and miles sexier place. Start tweeting things better with the hashtag: #SomeoneLikeMe