It could be any other Sunday pub conversation between mates after another lack lustre performance from your local or even national team.

One person will inevitably turn around to complain about the lack of English youth players being pulled through the ranks in place of expensive talent from overseas.

“When I was a lad…” will usually be the opener, followed by a few similar admissions from the older blokes in the corner. It happens every single week, in almost every single pub. Yet still, nothing ever changes in the way of the football leagues. But what if the man in the pub bemoaning the state of things wasn’t just crazy Dave that once had trials for Rotherham, what if he was Michael Owen?

Owen has joined the hot debate on the current state of English football with a passionate, personal blog, the first since his retirement from professional football on social-sports site on Sportlobster. In it he openly states that he worries about “the future of our National Team."

And that a big part of this worry is the lack of opportunities given to the current crop of young English players, highlighted by the England U21's recent European failings.

Inspired by Owen and his blog, we want to know how you, our loyal and brilliant FHM readers would save English football? Post your thoughts under Michael's article on Sportlobster using the hashtag #FHM

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