It was either Friedrich Nietzsche or the Backstreet Boys that once said: 'Life without music is meaningless,' and FHM would have to agree. Especially if said music comes alongside an extremely sexy music video.

Check out our top 15 sexiest music videos ever:


14 N.E.R.D – Lapdance

N.E.R.D confess from the outset that they are ‘dirty dogs’ and we can believe it as we're treated to steamy scenes of strippers teaming up on the band. Even the government ‘are talking like strippers’. These guys clearly have lap dancers on the brain, and on other body parts too.

13 Usher – Trading Places

A lesson in seduction that we will probably never imitate. Usher lets his girl take charge whilst wearing some mighty oversized shades and jamming on a transparent piano. Smooooooth.



12 Christina Aguilera – Dirrty

The archetypal raunchy vid, Christina gets down and dirty (and rather sweaty) in the boxing ring. Piercing eyes and shocking blonde dreadlocks are combined with an ability to kick ass, which she does, to some unfortunate masked beauty.

11 Madonna – Justify My Love

Madge looking particularly inviting in a silk slip with the sultriness turned up to eleven in this black and white epic. Throw in a body-morphing specialist with exceptionally long nails and a great deal of naughty whispering and you've got an extremely sexy shoot.

10 Shakira – She Wolf

We couldn’t have compiled this list without a certain Columbian with very honest hips. Shakira (the bendiest woman in pop) inhabits a sparkly red love cave and wears a saucy dress that tricks you into thinking she’s actually starkers. Barcelona’s Gerard Pique is a very lucky man.

09 Rihanna – Where Have You Been?

Rihanna emerges from the water like an Amazonian queen before transforming herself into a very sexy desert princess. We're then transported back to the 80s as she dons a wild hair-do and the room is filled with smoke for no apparent reason other than it being a bit sexy... Something for everyone.

08 t.A.t.U – All The Things She Said

What’s not to like about two faux Russian lesbians messing about in the pouring rain? A little creepy, what with the ‘parents’ peering through the fence at the two girls. but there’s definitely something beautiful about the inevitable kiss and the girls strolling off hand in hand at the end. Who says romance is dead, ey?