Our epic list of the sexiest music videos ever continues....



07 Nicky Minaj – Super Bass

When it comes to gaudy colour, Minaj really is unparalleled. Amongst shocking pinks, yellows and baby blues, she seduces various well-built ‘American guys’ in her inimitable style. She is curvy and in-your-face, impossible to ignore.

06 Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Here is what happens when you take a pint-sized Australian with a famous derriere and wrap her in a bed sheet. Contrasted by bright red lipstick, Minogue is devastatingly attractive, teasing the camera with every shake of her cape.

05 Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce – Telephone

A nine-and-a-half minute epic set in a women’s prison, this is Gaga at her bizarre best. Accompanied by tattoo-laden inmates, she finds herself at various points clad only in ‘Crime Scene’ tape. Luckily, Beyonce is on hand to bail her out in the Pussy Wagon from Kill Bill, where the sexy pair proceed to poison unsuspecting diners. Majorly hot femme fatale points.

04 Robyn – Indestructible

The action here switches between intimate bedroom scenes and Robyn clothed in a tubed outfit meant (we think) to replicate veins in the body. Weird outfits aside though, we’re treated to a few extremely dirty moments that should be just about enough to distract your attention.

03 Benny Benassi - Satisfaction   

Who knew that hot women conducting DIY could be so darn sexy? This vid has the feel of a supercharged B&Q advert with a great deal of sweating, lip-licking and general waggling. You’re even provided with some handy power tool buying advice, a thoughtful touch.

02 Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love

Admittedly Manson’s face is consistently quite scary throughout, but he sure knows how to throw a party, one that is ‘not another high school party’. He certainly gets in on the action: boycotting the DJ and then entering the hot tub with his pick of the ladies.

We also learn that he is partial to a cuddly toy, a cuddly toy wearing suspenders.

01 White Stripes – I Don’t Know What To Do With Myself

We feel your pain, Jack White. After three tantalising minutes of watching Kate Moss frolic and pole dance in her smalls, we weren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves either.


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