We're quickly approaching the end of Movember, and our fuzzy-lipped FHM staffers are still soldiering on, looking less like manly explorers and more like prebuscent schoolboys showered in Lynx. We dread to think how bad it would be if Sharps Barbers hadn't been keeping us in shape every week.

To say it's been a hard month would be an understatement. But it isn't in vain and our crap tashes are slowly raising money to battle the bejeezus out of prostate cancer. Which is always great. Sponsor the FHM Movember Team here and help us make a difference.

We also want to help you guys make a difference with your Movember facial hair. Send us a snap of your lip-tickler with a link to your Movember page and we'll tweet the best ones to give your fundraising an extra boost.

Send your tweets to @FHM with the hashtag #Movember.

Get tweeting and raising some dosh, and donate to the FHM team here.