Cars and music go hand in hand, whether you’re blasting out dad-rock down the M6 and pretending you’re in the Eagles, or parked on the top of Ship Hill in Rotherham blaring out a bit of Uprising.
It’s a manly instinct. First you get excited about the car and all the freedom that it brings, then you get excited about playlists, soundtracks and road trips.
Which is what makes VW’s new collaboration with musical innovators Underworld exciting. They’ve basically created an app that works in tangent with the driving vehicle and original Underworld tunes, creating a live DJing scenario – but instead of scratching decks and playing with a mixer, you’re just driving a car.

It's like an episode of Pimp My Ride with Xzibit screaming: "Hey DAWWWG! I know you like DJing and Driving so we put some DJing kit in your car so you can DJ while you drive!"
Sounds bonkers and it kind of is. Check out the video below.

At present, this seems to just be a one-off project, but who knows: if they get enough views, they might pop it out for real.
Although, realistically, it’d probably make the roads quite dangerous if we were all scratching records with our steering wheels and break pedals.

Want to check out the pimped-out music car for yourself? Then enter VW's Facebook competition here to win the chance of a DJing driving track day.