You’re all busy, so we’ll make this quick. We need your correspondence. And we’re offering special prizes, fitting into the following areas:


Ask FHM anything

Ever wondered why the sky is blue? How two blondes can have a ginger baby? Who the hot girl presenting the news on BBC3 is? What a Premier League footballer does all day? Whether you really can milk a hamster? Or how much it would take to build a real-life Optimus Prime? Us too. But we have contacts who can answer life’s seemingly unanswerable dilemmas. Got a query? Think it’s too tame? It isn’t. Send what’s on your mind to us and we’ll send a prize to everyone who gets a query published.

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Out of the mouths of babes

Heard a moronic musing from our breasted brethren? Tell FHM and if we tell the world, you’ll get rewarded.

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Text pests

Sent or received a message you or the sender instantly regretted? Let the world laugh at your textual incompetence/desperation by forwarding it onto FHM.

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Acceptable in the ‘80s?

Ever seen a picture of your dad chilling out ‘back in the day’ and wondered if – at best - he was an international felon? Or – at worst – you could make out his manhood through his short shorts? E-mail it in and if we deem it wasn’t acceptable in the ‘80s you receive a prize.

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Pics means prizes

Got an ugly pet? Think your stag do fancy dress was the best ever? Seen a pic of someone looking suicidal when everyone else is having the time of their lives? Had a picture ruined by an interloper? Send images that fit with these topics and if we publish, you’ll receive something exciting in the mail.

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