Early morning, July 14 and, for a slow, bleary-eyed Monday, FHM ’s inbox was uncharacteristically full. “MILF!” screamed Dave from Doncaster. “I’m in love,” announced Andy from Padstow. “Who the hell was that hot girl?” breathlessly typed over 300 others. Over the course of one weekend, the nation had a new object of lust. And it was “the fitty Sky Sports keep showing during the cricket”. A “fitty” you implored us to track down. Fortunately we were way ahead of the game.


New to you she may be, but Kerry McGregor is not new to us. The 27-year-old from Cape Town started modelling at six months and has appeared on the cover of our South African edition not once, or twice, but a whopping seven times – a relationship that meant, despite giving birth a mere six months ago, she was more than happy to answer to your occasionally legible prayers.


FHM and I go wa-ay back,” Kerry laughs. “So when the calls started coming in there was only one choice. I wasn’t aware I’d caused such a stir. I was kind of focused on Neil.”


Neil? Ah, yes. That’s the bad news. Kerry’s taken, having tied the knot last year with South African batsman Neil McKenzie. The good news is she’s still happy to pose for pictures like these and she has two younger sisters: Cindi and Tracy, the latter currently carrying the FHM-bestowed tag of ‘South Africa’s Sexiest Woman’. “We share a claim to fame,” the former Wonderbra model reveals. “We’re the only trio of sisters ever to appear together on FHM’s cover anywhere in the world. It’s something we’re pretty proud of.”


And so you should be.


Original interview by Stuart Hood in the October 2008 issue of FHM UK magazine