dad-haircut-thumbYour dad’s rubbish at Facebook. Despite the fact that he spends a fair majority of his life browsing the social media site, he still has absolutely no idea what’s going on.

He won’t stop posting on your wall asking how to send private messages. He keeps posting them as statuses. It’s all getting very embarrassing. Somebody needs to stop him.

Luckily, as an adult, and you can unfriend your dad whenever you want. That’s your right.

You could maybe even report him to Facebook, or just go home and switch off the router. He won’t know to check, and he’ll never pop-up on your sidebar ever again. Problem solved.

But spare a thought for the young children of this world with social-savvy fathers. In the hunt for likes, shares and comments, this new breed of vengeful dad will put their offspring through all manner of life-ruining torment, all in the name of LOLs.

Here are just 4 of the most extreme cases of viral punishment to ever appear on your newsfeed:

01  The army sargeant

When no-nonsense, vest-rockin’ Wisconsin dad Timothy Robenhorst heard that his son, Kayden, 13, had been bullying kids at school, he decided to take immediate action.

Starting with a 4am wake-up call, he ordered Kayden to perform 60 knuckle-push-ups, before forcing him to complete a list of gardening chores in the freezing cold.

Never one to miss out on an opportunity for precious Facebook likes, he also humiliated his son by uploading this picture to social media.

02  The #shoeruiner

Disappointed when his 14 year-old son brought home a bad report card, North Carolina dad Kurin Keys concluded that a punishment was in order.

So he went and did this:

It went viral, and Kurin capitalised on his newfound fame by coining a hashtag, attempting to spread his son’s thinly-veiled contempt across the internet and cash in on his son’s misery.

03  The guy who went a cut above

A barber in Atlanta is currently offering a special haircut for parents who want to punish their unruly sons: embarrassing old-man haircuts.

In 2014, Russel Frederick, 34, decided to introduce the service after his 12-year old son, Rushawn, had fallen behind with school work.


Cruel – but no worse than any of the awful haircuts we’ve all sported ourselves, and the results clearly speak for themselves…


04  The guy who, let’s be honest, shouldn’t be allowed to own a hammer

Jason’s dad gave him fair warning: three weeks to improve his grades, or he’d have to wave goodbye to his beloved Xbox 360.

Unfortunately, the American student couldn’t get it together in time. But instead of locking his console away in the garage or placing it upon an unreachable shelf, Jason’s dad decided to deliver his son’s punishment in the harshest way possible…

We wouldn’t suggest trying any of this at home. Instead, you should pick up Example’s unmissable Guide to Fatherhood, only in this month’s issue