FHM's Stand-Up Hero - TV dates

Posted by , 30 September 2010

FHM's Stand-Up Hero - TV dates



This autumn we've been bringing you the chance to watch 25 of the country's best emerging comedians, from the comfort of your own sofa. You know, without the gut-twisting worry that you're going to be picked out of the audience as the butt of one of the jokes. That's right, FHM - in conjunction with Steve Coogan's Baby Cow - are bringing you the 2010 Stand-Up Hero hopefuls on that lovely channel ITV4. "When can I watch it?!" we hear you shout at your screen.* Well, we're down to the final five:

The final is on ITV4 on Tuesday, 7th December at 9pm.

Henry Ginsberg, Liam Mullone, Nathan Caton, Josh Widdicombe and Andrew Watts will battle it out for the crown. And if you want to see how the final five made it to the big one, then catch up on some of the previous episodes here:

Catch up on ITV Player

*It's fairly safe to say that nobody will have done this. 

So, if you've missed the previous episodes across which all 25 self-acclaimed comedic geniuses put their future reputations in front of you, we've brought them all together for you to check out, vids 'n' all. The final 25. All you have to decide is whether to start at #25 or #1...

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