The internet is like a big LOLcano. Every week, some LOLarious videos are bursting out of it, but something terrible is happening – you’re missing them because some twat’s told you to watch a cat playing a piano.

Well, not anymore.

We’ve been hard at work, flying around in the FHM LOLicopter to find ROFL-worthy clips. We’ve even had to forego watching LOLlyoaks while we eat our dinner (spaghetti LOLognese, of course), we’ve been that dedicated. All because this is the inaugural instalment of a weekly feature in which we’ll bring you our favourite virals of the week.

Bring. The. MEGALOLZ.

Eamonn Holmes - man or woman?

 A chimpanzee riding a girls bicycle (possibly the best sentence ever written)

Bad at football. Good at goal celebrations.
Stjarnan FC, the previously little-known Icelandic football team that brought you the now famous Angler goal celebration, have been staying behind after training to work on a few more routines.

Here's the Angler, 'case you missed it: 

 And here are their new ones:

We heart you, internet.