An adoring fan of Twilight star Robert Pattinson ended up in hospital on Sunday night after a fight broke out with another girl… over a poster. 300 competition winners skipped down to Leicester Square for the premiere of his new DVD (video, above), where witnesses say a “massive fight broke out” when the posters began to run out. The girl, who twisted her arm, was driven to hospital for immediate medical attention and missed the screening. Which was unfortunate, obviously.

But maybe we can help? The girl can’t be named for legal reasons, but if you know who she is, we’ve got a spare Robert Pattinson poster in the office… that she can have. We don’t need it anymore. It was great for a while, but to be honest, the novelty’s wearing thin. We’ve modified it slightly, but you can still see his face (just). We’ll even throw in some Blue-Tack.