Unless you enjoy the streets of urban England being crime free, people not getting murdered and groups of children not hanging around looking sinister on street corners, gangs are amazing. They’re the only way for kids to entertain themselves these days. Friendships are formed, knives are sharpened and time is wasted. Gang culture is the perfect antidote to passing your maths exams and getting a good job.

So it’s time you thought about joining one. But which one? Luckily, a chap called Michael Moore who works at the Daily Telegraph has put together some very handy Google Maps of where various gangs in London hang out. If you don’t live in London, move down or up immediately. It’s just so amazing and dangerous.

Here are your gang options, (click on the name of the area to get a massive Google Map up with gang names and everything):

1/ Camden

2/ Hackney

3/ Lambeth

4/ Waltham Forest

Apparently the best way to apply for gang membership is to send a one-page CV and a covering letter of no more than 750 words to the HQ of your choice. Good luck.