Last week, in the summertime when the weather was fine, we went to a pub in Brixton to let Levi Roots cook us dinner. He was cooking things like salmon, kebabs, burgers, chicken and ribs, and telling us how to BBQ like heroes, why Jamaica is amazing and how good Reggae Reggae Sauce tastes with everything. Of course, he would say that, because he invented it. But we’ll try anything that Dragons’ Den hero Peter Jones approves of because he’s well tall and we dig that, so we got stuck in. Here we are eating some salmon that had been wrapped in foil, marinated in Reggae Reggae Sauce and then BBQed:

It was nice. We give it 8/10. Here we are shotgunning some of the burgers that Levi Roots is cooking, while holding a nice big plate of salmon:

We ate two, of course. And we covered it in Reggae Reggae Sauce. It was nice. No cheese though. No one provided cheese. For that, friends, we can only give it 6/10. But don’t worry, here we are pretending to look into the pot Levi Roots is holding when actually all we want to do is eat those kebabs:

And we did eat those kebabs. They were vegetable and cheese kebabs. They were nice. We give them 8/10. Thanks Levi Roots, you are the best person called Levi Roots ever.