Last week, we brought you the first instalment of our new weekly feature in which we attempt to make you laugh. Well, not really ‘we’, rather, 'the internet'. Because there’s only a few of us. And we’ve got loads on. We’ve got a magazine to write for starters. And we’ve got football training tonight. Just give us a break, will you? The internet, on the other hand, that’s got loads of people working on it. Literally dozens of people go on there every day, tweeting and poking and posting funny videos.

So here are the best ones. And remember who brought you them, ‘coz that’s what really counts.

Reasonably attractive German sports presenter gets tonked on the head by a football

Good comment: "the best bit was when the woman got hit on the head by a football"

Bulldog watches Family Guy like a human – freaky but brilliant

The world’s worst mosh and stage dive

More next week, unless the internet breaks. We genuinely fear that might happen - how does it cope with twitter and everything? And it never gets a day off. Poor old internet. Stay strong, buddy.