Swearing's a wonderful thing. It does the job when your happy, and is more than adequate when you're angry. And is absolutely necessary when your cat won't stop doing his dirty in the washing basket. That's not anger, it's just... confusion. Having a gratuitous swear makes depressed men happy. The only thing better than strings of obscenities aimed at no one in particular, is when it happens on the tele. Films, series and entire careers have been built on it. Let us point you in the direction of eight of the best examples of foul-mouthed wonder...

1) Cartman tells the Aristocrats gag better than ever before.

2) Tourettes Syndrome South Park style: the best thing ever.

3) Glengarry Glen Ross: classic film, the greatest cast of all time, loads of swearing.

4) Full Metal Jacket: "I'll pull off your head and shit down your neck."

5) The Departed: Mark Wahlberg’s voice gets violent.

6) Jay and Silent Bob: the message board scene.

7) Celebrities swearing in relatively normal circumstances are a wonderful thing. Hats off, Zach Braff.

8) And to finish, Stephen Fry theorises swearing. It's only right.