San Diego, usually thought of as the home of the tanned surfer dudes of America. Not last week. It was time to dust off the old Superman costume, hold in the gut, and flex your brains at the San Diego Comic Con 2009. Here's a few of our favourite 'superheroes' on display:

Fat Sub-Zero:


Gangster Darth Vader and Alcoholic Boba Fett:


Hot Wonder Woman:


Worst Watchmen ever:


Sexy Street Fighter:


Electra sex appeal?


Soon to be a ghost... called Buster:


Yet another hottie?


All this got your glands gasping for comics? Read the FHM review on Batman's death in Final Crisis here.

And as per your request (below) KOMAGE, here's what the Princess Leia slave bikins had to offer (regret asking now?):