British horror films have been great in the last few years, with the likes of 28 Days Later, The Descent, Ravenous, Eden Lake and Creep all smashing international box office sales. Unlike the Yanks, our actors didn’t demand limos to the set or 5* hotels, instead, all of the meagre budget went into making an original, skin-tingling horror film. And it worked.

Now Hollywood are churning out horror remake after shitty remake, mainly stolen from Japan’s excellent flurry into fear fillers. In true British style, when the chips are down the nation is pulling together and making a film totally independently. No production companies are needed as this uses just the money of the donators that play a part. For £10 you can join the team and follow every step of the film making process of producing – hopefully – another winning British horror film. Rule brains-eating Britannia! Sign up at