Ever been late for a meeting because you’re busy having a meeting? Barmy American Eric Staller has a solution – the Conference Bike. A seven-seated beast made of industrial steel, the bike has one gear, a hand brake, hydraulic motorbike brakes, a car steering wheel and Volkswagen Polo tyres. (The wooden desk in the middle is FHM’s own modification).

It weighs half a tonne, has a top speed of 15mph and is road legal. Suited and booted, high-powered FHM executives headed to York’s Get Cycling for a quick lesson and then off into town for snap conferences in the city centre, outside the cathedral and on a bridge.

We’ve got a lot to discuss, like whether Subway is better than Greggs (no), and whether we should let the two friendly girls on for a ride (yes). World put to rights, we’re a bit parched. Turns out because the bike is not motorised, drink-driving is at ‘policeman’s discretion’.Time to stop for a pint. We’ve been in meetings all day.

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