British National Pie Week runs from March 1 2010 to March 8 2010, which means that British National Pie Week is exactly NOW.

To help you celebrate we’ve got ten copies of the cookbook Canteen: Great British Food - put together by Cass Titcombe, Dominic Lake and Patrick Clayton Malone - to give away. Titcombe and Clayton-Malone are the co-owners of Canteen (website here), a restaurant chain that gives restaurant chains a good name and specialises in making excellent pies.

We’ve actually been to the Spitalfields branch of Canteen to eat a pie or two, and we liked them a lot. To see a recipe giving you a step-by-step guide on how to make a great spicy mutton pie, CLICK HERE.

To win one of ten copies of the cookbook, send an email HERE and explain in detail why you and no one else should win. And to see the cover of the book, look here:

It oozes with class.