Argentina are not playing Spain at football tomorrow. Not YET. There is a strong to fair to middling chance that they will be playing one another at football very soon, in the semi finals of the World Cup. What a treat.

For now we can only dream of the excitement of such a matchup. Can it live up to the thrill of seeing passmaters the Netherlands eclipse a surprisingly indisciplined Brazil? If Diego Maradona does a victory dance on the touchline will the surly moustachioed Vicente Del Bosque lamp him? Who has the nicest kit when the two are placed in direct competition? All these questions and more have yet to be answered.

For now you can alleviate your bloodlust by betting on something called a Mythical Match with In essence, you are betting on the goals Spain score in their quarter final against Paraguay vs the goals Argentina score in theirs with Germany. Spain are priced as 5/4 favourites, with Argentina at 7/4 and the draw at 11/4.

If you take an imaginary pencil and put it inside your mind you can extend this line of thinking by betting on the Goalscorer Match market, which has David Villa at 2/1 and Gonzalo Higuain at 3/1, i.e. Villa is 2/1 to score more goals in his game than Higuain in his.

Or perhaps you’re a far simpler person and would rather bet simple on which team will score the most in the two remaining quarter finals. Germany look a solid 3/1 shot with

Bets of the day:

Goalscorer Match bet
David Villa 2/1   Tie 10/11   Higuain 3/1
Highest scorers in Quarter Finals matches
Spain 13/8
Argentina 9/4
Germany 3/1
Paraguay 5/1
Mythical Match Bet
Spain 5/4
Draw 12/5
Argentina 7/4