The great thing about the internet is that anyone with a bright idea can become famous overnight. All they need to do is find a skilled web monkey (and a suitably threatening weapon with which to coerce them), sit them down in front of a computer and ask, very nicely, that they bloody well make it happen.

And so it is that this week has spread, like a rampant and unruly venereal, across the world. The idea: record a five-second clip of yourself doing the moonwalk, upload it to the site, and you’ll join a continuous, potentially never-ending scroll of moonwalkers forevermore.

So, shamon, get involved. You can use the search function to find FHM’s favourite so far, including a gingerbread man (170), a robot (1415), a budgie (2534) and an utter loon with a rug on his head (1707). Once you’ve uploaded yours, let us know your number and we’ll post them below (use a copy of the mag as a prop).