Rock Bottom:

Portsmouth @ 9s. Portsmouth are an absolute shambles at the moment – they’ve sold every good player they’ve got bar Krankjaer, lost both strikers to Spurs, have an inexperienced manager and very little quality throughout – back them and then trade out when they come in, because they’re not quite cack enough to finish bottom.

Month End - Bottom (Aug):

Blackburn @ 32s. This seems ridiculously high odds, but with their first two games against Man City and Fulham, they’ll find it very difficult to get the points. Back them and trade out.

Handicap Win:

Burnley @ 16.5s. Man United will probably win the league, therefore Burnley (52 point handicap) only need to get to 40 points to be ahead of them in handicap terms. They will do the best out of the three promoted clubs - they’re serious mid table contenders - which will be all they ever hoped and dreamed for.

Top Goalscorer:

Ebanks-Blake (Wolves, 110s). He won’t win it, but back him, then lay him when the odds come in. He’ll get a dozen easily, and 110 is ridiculous odds.

Top English Goalscorer:

Rooney @ 5.7s. Rooney has this all sewn up. He’s going to be the main United striker this season, and will probably take most of the set pieces that Ronaldo had last season.



Handicap Win:

Peterborough @ 16s. There won't  be a runaway winner this year, and with Maclean and Mackail-Smith upfront, Peterborough will definitely score goals, and have a 28 point handicap. Be wary though, as Sheffield United (9 points) are potential champions, so it does only give them 19 points on United. If you find good odds for Forest take them as well – they’re doing a Man City in the Championship.

Lay like your life depends on it:

Newcastle. Newcastle are backed to win everything at a canter, amassing 138 points along the way, but in reality, they’ll probably do well to finish top half. If you get any good odds against them achieving promotion, take them, then borrow some money and whack that down as well.

Top Goalscorer:

Ched Evans (Sheffield United, 17s) and Craig Mackail-Smith (Peterborough, 36s) look pretty good bets. If you can get good odds on Taarabt (QPR) and Maclean (Peterborough) take them as well, with a view to trading out – especially for Taarabt.


Thanks to Jeff V2.0 from the QPR LoftforWords message board for the tips.



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