As we put a brave foot forward, disregard our reservations and embrace the use of that time-wasting tool Twitter, we do so with the utmost caution. Mainly because our foot looks like this - thanks to a raucous kickabout with the chaps at ZOO. Still, as of this week now officially boasts two Twitter feeds. The first,, will be used on a conversational basis, offering up all sorts of musings, tit and tat straight from the source: the FHM office.

But we'll be tweeting on the move, too. If we've just seen a film (like Watchmen, there's a screening tonight), or if the roof in our bog falls in (as happened yesterday), you'll be the first to hear about it. Or, if we just need some help around the office, we'll give you a shout.

The second,, will work as more of a conventional news feed, a list of all the latest content on the site. Essentially, it's just a friendly way of keeping you up to date with all the best stuff happening on the web. And a good way of making sure our traffic keeps spiralling through the roof (thanks all), keeps the anxious-looking suits happy in their new bonus-free era, and may even guarantee enough money to splash out on a Christmas piss-up. Join us.