Bored at work? Really, seriously at a loose end? Check this out. Every hour, for the next 100 days, a different moron will take their place on Trafalgar Square’s vacant fourth plinth. And stand there. Doing basically nothing.

A part of Anthony Gormley’s One & Other performance, participants are free to use their hour as they see fit. So, walking up and down in a nice new pair of jeans from Topshop (and possibly a fucking shit beret), screaming “look at me! Look at me! I did a GNVQ in art! Mummy said this would be such fun, and golly, don’t you know it, she’s right! It’s like I’m a living sculpture or something. What shall I have for tea? My friend Sasha from uni told me about this amazing place on the King’s Road where you can eat sushi off of the decaying corpse of a homeless person’s dead dog. Doesn’t that just sound like so much fun?”

So if you're really, really bored and can't find a stapler to jam into your eyes, check out the live webcast. May pigeons shit mightily upon them.