Our friends at Paddypower have very kindly re-opened their betting market on the world’s definitive lady poll – FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

After our tips at the start of the year, 2009's favourite and 2008's reigning champ, Megan Fox, has shortened from 7/4 to 11/10. But only one woman has ever successfully defended her crown – Jennifer Lopez in 2002 – so here’s a rundown of five challengers who may or may not knock Fox off her perch:


Cheryl Cole
- 6/4
Previous highest position
- #2 in 2005
Cheryl’s had four consecutive top ten finishes and on the back of a year in which she added an Osbourne-usurping stint on the X Factor and a Brit Award to her already burgeoning CV, 2009 could be the year she nabs the crown. Visit Cheryl's profile.


Keeley Hazell
- 8/1
Previous highest position
- #2 in 2007
Although being the top-placed Brit in the 100 Sexiest for the last two years, Keeley’s probably suffered in the past from being a predominantly UK phenomenon. Not any more. Her name is currently Googled more stateside than David Beckham, so could this be the year a plethora of US-based voters push her to the top spot? Visit Keeley's profile.


Scarlett Johansson
- 10/1
Previous highest position
- #3 in 2006
Being sexy is not about being pretty. Being sexy is not about getting naked. ‘Sexy’ is that indescribable quality which converts all your thoughts into imagining how a woman will perform between the sheets. Scarlett Johansson has this quality in abundance. Visit Scarlett's profile.


Rachel Stevens
– 25/1
Previous highest position
- #2 in 2002
The producers of Strictly Come Dancing all but doubled their audience late last year when they secured ickle Rachel’s rumba-ing services, making it immediately acceptable (and dare we say it, pleasurable) for straight men to watch the Beeb’s Saturday night offering. Who didn’t fantasise about replacing that smug short-arsed Italian dancer? Nobody. Visit Rachel's profile.


Katy Perry
– 33/1
Previous highest position
– N/A
She’s sold over a million albums and her debut single was a roaring worldwide success. But it’s her ambiguous sexuality that gives FHM’s January cover-girl her sexiness. Megan Fox went straight in at number one last year, will it be Katy this year? Visit Katy's profile.

If you still want more, go to the Paddypower for all the odds, on all the girls.