Winning money by betting on football. That’s probably something that North Korea disagrees with quite strongly as a nation. But that’s exactly what you’ve got the chance to do today, and why not rub it in their socialist faces by betting on the North Korean football team? Doesn’t it make you proud to live in a liberal democracy?

After an unexpectedly staunch performance in their opening game against Brazil the Koreans sunk to a disastrous 7-0 defeat to Portugal last week, not exactly auspicious for the first live football match ever to be transmitted on North Korean television. There was a lot of crying in Pyongyang.

There may be more tears this afternoon when Ivory Coast attempt to take some of their frustrations out on a defence that occasionally looks as naïve as angering a mad dictator with possible nuclear capabilities.
is offering odds of 9/2 on a North Korean player disgracing himself, his nation and his Dear Leader by getting sent off this afternoon. There’s also the tempting 250/1 shot of Kim Jong Il making a surprise appearance at the stadium in what would, lets face it, be a hugely entertaining turn of events.

If rumours were to be believed last week four of the North Koreans attempted to defect from the country after being listed as “absent” on the teamsheet. It transpired that they were merely injured, but will give you 14/1 on any member of the squad to publicly defect from the country after today's game.

Bets of the day:
A North Korean player to get sent off 9/2
Kim Jong Il to appear in the crowd during the game 250/1
A North Korean squad member to publicly defect from the country within 24 hours of the end of the game 14/1
North Korea to win 8/1