How good are you at predicting the scores of football matches that are yet to take place? Are your key skills comparable to those of 16th century future-botherer Nostradamus? Or are you more of a live fast, die young, rarely bet on football James Dean-type?

If the latter: grow up, James. If the former: hey Nostradamus! Right this way. You can win an obscene amount of money by betting with on the exact outcome of four football matches taking place this Friday and Saturday.

As we know from bitter experience, predicting exact results is tricky. In the list of things that are hard to do it’s up there with carefully unpeeling a Satsuma skin so that it forms a delightful constant spiral. It takes persistence, skill, tenacity, finesse, wit and a bit of luck. If you can accomplish it, you become Ultimate King Of Everything Forever.

Why not ascend to your new permanent Throne Of Everything with a delicious money sandwich courtesy of

A £10 bet on plausible wins for all the favourites:

Uruguay 1 Ghana 0
Argentina 2 Germany 1
Spain 2 Paraguay 0
Brazil 3  Netherlands 0

Wins: £62,370

A £5 bet on all four games finishing as draws after 90 minutes:

Uruguay 0 Ghana 0
Argentina 1 Germany 1
Spain 2 Paraguay 2
Brazil 3 Netherlands 3

Wins: £208,845

And just £1 on a hugely exciting set of high-scoring quarter finals:

Uruguay 3 Ghana 2
Argentina 3 Germany 4
Spain 4 Paraguay 1
Brazil 3 Netherlands 1

Wins: £848,198