In the FHM office, there is a massive Robert Pattinson poster on the wall. Robert Pattinson is that man from Twilight who is going out with Kristen Stewart, who is also in Twilight. (FULL STORY HERE).

We’re not bitter.

But we are embarking on a gradual, fairly subtle, ultimately rewarding and monstrously entertaining day-by-day journey which sees us do something funny to Robert Pattinson’s face (on the poster) and post it on Twitter. Yes, Twitter. Below, is what we’ve done to the man’s face so far. For daily updates on our progress, FOLLOW US. We may never stop. Robert Pattinson just has so much face.

Day one:

Day two:

Day three:

Day four:

Day five:

Day six:

Day seven:

Day eight:

Day nine:

Day ten:

(Disclaimer: we don’t hate Robert Pattinson, we just think defacing posters is funny. We are, like, well mature.)