It is winter in South Africa. This was supposed to be great news for England and other European teams who have traditionally wilted in the extreme heat of June / July World Cups. Not so, apparently.

Just look at the last eight of this year's tournament - Germany, Netherlands, Spain (well done Europe), Ghana, Brazil, Argentina, Parguay, Uruguay (WTF, Europe?) You should be ashamed, Europe. Hang your continental head in shame.

This tournament has belonged to the South Americans, and is offering odds of 5/6 that it will be a South American team to lift the World Cup in 10 days time. If Argentina beat Germany and Spain get squeezed out by Paraguay you can expect those odds to shrink quicker than a thing that shrinks extremely quickly. is also offering 4/5 that the tournament's top scorer is South American, which looks a solid bet given that Argentina's Gonzalo Higuain is currently joint top of the scoring charts with four goals.

If you think that this World Cup signifies the beginning of an era of dominance, and enjoy bets that won't pay out for 12 years will give you 6/4 that the winners of this tournament, Brazil 2014 and World Cup 2018 will all be South American. Taking account of inflation, a bet of around £8,000 on this should be about right.

A South American team to win this World Cup 5/6
The tournament’s top scorer to come from a South American team 4/5
12 or more South American players in FIFA’s All Star Team (out of 23) 1/2
A South American team to win the next three World Cups (2010, 2014, 2018) 6/4