The photo above - if viewed here on Gigapan's website - is an extremely high quality, interactive image of Obama's big moment. It was created using 200 different shots, which were then merged together to create a TIF file almost two gigabytes in size. Have a play - it's awesome.

Spontaneous competition time!

Who can find the funniest/weirdest/fattest member of the crowd? Snipers disguised as photographers? Nose pickers? Stealthy snoozers? Screen grab your discoveries and send them over to The best will win a box of Sugar Puffs designed and signed by Daisy Lowe, because that's what a PR sent us today.

But check it out: we found P.Diddy.


Steve Baker found Obi-Wan Kenobi

Ken McCartney found James Woods, Robin Williams and..... Peter Griffin