Ron Asheton (on the left and wearing shades in the picture), founding member and guitarist for the forefathers of punk rock mayhem the Stooges, was found dead on Tuesday at his home in Michigan. He was 60. To enjoy some big love of insane fun times had by Asheton’s clan head to FHM’s Music Reviews page. Or scroll down, right here, to pay homage to a musician that deserves respect for writing one of the best songs ever about wanting to be someone’s dog:

Which, in turn, inspired this bizarre stomp-with-models art-fart:

All of which turned the Stooges into cult heroes and subjects of documentaries, like this one which finds Asheton in a reflective mood about life with Iggy:

And they eventually turned their infamy into a kick-ass reformation tour, including a slot at Glastonbury 2007, that really made a mess of the hippies: