Words: Ellie Bond

Weddings. Most couples dream of a long white dress, confetti and that crap Aerosmith song, but apparently some people prefer a creepy kiddy-chasing clown, a bouquet of French fries and a day centred around the world’s least filling, most addictive, fast food.

As of January 1 ,2011, these peculiar individuals will be able to make their ketchup-flavoured dreams come true as branches of McDonald's all over Hong Kong begin to offer on-site wedding ceremonies. That’s right, a wedding right in the middle of a smelly old oriental McDonald's.

The burger-builders say they receive about ten calls a month requesting wedding parties so they’re just giving the public what they want, which is to be joined in Holy McMatrimony surrounded by strangers. Romantic. It will cost between 185 and 278 Euros, which, to be fair, is pretty cheap for a wedding and includes a set menu.

Warning: your wedding night may be ruined by the nugget sweats, especially if you eat one of these:

Sealing your love with a mountain of questionable breaded chicken pieces. That's the way to go.