Adverts are normally bloody annoying. Please, we beg of you, just let us watch Desperate Housewives in peace without segmenting it with a desexualising ad for the horrifically-named ‘Vagisil’ every twelve minutes.

But, just on occasion, you get a little gem of advertising excellence. Like these:

Without doubt the cleverest advert we’ve ever seen

You've got to click on it. It's worth it, we promise.

It’s just a shame no one uses Tipp-Ex anymore, really.

Bras on a rollercoaster (courtesy of

Ultimo are bloody geniuses. When they want to make bras look good, they wrap them round Kelly Brook’s lovely ladyhumps. When they want to test bras, they put them on curvy models and pack them onto a rollercoaster. 

Paris Hilton being sexy

We often wonder why Paris Hilton is famous. Then we watch a video like this and we’re swiftly reminded. It’s true what they say: sex sells. Right now, we really fancy a Bentley.

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