It's decision time, bucko. You may have screamed loudly from the hilltops that this was England's year,  sensibly predicted another winning tournament for Brazil or attempted to be cool and edgy by tipping a doomed outsider like the Ivory Coast. All that is irrelevant now. Forget it, erase it, immolate it. It's the World Cup final on Sunday and there are literally only two teams that can win it.

Spain: mainly red, bloody good at passing it around for ages, lethal in attack, David Villa. Holland: orange, energetic, coy going forward, Dirk Kuyt. There's surely only going to be one winner?

If you had the foresight to place a pre-tournament bet with you'll be getting your stake back regardless of who you placed it on if Spain are lifting the trophy come Sunday evening. It's still not too late to take advantage of the bookmaker's extraordinary generosity, though. Phew.

Get this: if the match goes to extra time will refund all losing bets on all goalscorer markets. So if you bet the value of your house on Fernando Torres to be the last goalscorer in the match (which is obviously a solid bet, given that he'll likely be coming off the bench and remains A Good Player despite having A Bad Tournament), this fails to happen, and the match goes to extra time, well: good news! You get the value of your house back.

We clearly do not condone such recklessness, but why not have a couple of quid on one of today's recommended bets at

Bets of the day:

Fernando Torres to be last goalscorer: 6/1
A player to be shown a red card in the game: 9/4
Spain to win 3-0: 22/1
Spain to win on penalties: 9/1