The world-famous FHM is looking for a talented writer to join its team as an editorial intern for three months. This is an opportunity to work on the creative hub of one of the UK’s biggest monthly magazines and be part of the daily rigour that goes into producing an award-winning website. The position is unpaid, but the successful candidate will have reasonable travel expenses paid for. Responsibilities will include:

- Helping the writers with features, research and transcribing
- Generating ideas for the magazine and website
- Sifting through the FHM email inbox (it’s full of gold)
- Getting out and about, interviewing members of the public as well as A-list celebrities
- Helping to build enormous edible contructions that don’t fall over

The successful candidate will be a fan of FHM and aware of the tone of the content in the magazine and on the website. You will know your way around the internet, and know the difference between a CMS and SEO. You will be excellent in a pub quiz. And you will be a budding writer who can turn out funny, precise copy with, like, no spelling mistakes whatsoever.

You will be working at FHM’s offices on Shaftesbury Avenue in Soho. No previous experience is necessary but fantastic ideas and bags of raw talent are absolutely mandatory. To apply, please send an email to with the subject line ‘JOB, PLZ’. Include:

- Your CV
- Examples of your work
- A 250-word lifestyle story on any current topic
- A suggestion for a new way to present FHM's famous Final Countdown

***DEADLINE: 6pm ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2012***

We look forward to reading your applications. Here are some testimonies from our previous interns.

1/ Laurence Mozafari joined us after completing his NCTJ at Staffordshire University. He started the day after his summer ball and worked in the office until September, 2010.

Laurence Mozafari

Best bit: Getting to work with some of the journalists I admire the most, on a magazine I absolutely love.

Worst bit: Putting together girl galleries on They're really popular but such a ball ache.

Weirdest bit: Getting kissed by two models in a photoshoot  for September's 'FHM Gets More Premier League Action' feature.

Most embarrassing story: Training with the Royal Navy in a sinking ship simulator, then taking on an assault course in which I 'hit the wall' and collapsed from exhaustion, while 40 cadets watched in disgust.

Read some of the work Laurence has contributed to

JOB NEWS, December 2010: Laurence employed as Content Editor, ZOOTODAY.COM

2/ Chris Medland moved to London with only a sofa to sleep on to start his internship. When not in the office, Chris spent his spare time freelancing for the BBC, like a proper grown up.

Chris Medland FHM

Best bit: Being sent to Vancouver for a few days to interview David Haye at EA Sports' mo-capping centre.

Worst bit: Putting together a Stand-Up Hero feature. It took ages to find and capture every single contestant's video.

Weirdest bit: Posing for photos with Chinese tourists at the top of the mountain, who thought I was heroic for falling over when putting on skis for the first time.

Most embarrassing moment: Getting altitude sickness at 3000 metres on a skiing challenge in Switzerland. Weakly dragging myself to the chair lift and promptly coughing up blood on the way down the mountain. As if my ski skills weren't embarrassing enough.

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JOB NEWS, February 2011: Chris appointed Assistant Editor of F1 at ESPN.COM

3/ Lucy Hancock joined FHM graduating from the University of Sheffield with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy. The taxidermy lesson below was her first assignment.

Best bit: Going to work everyday knowing that I will spend most of it laughing. Oh and getting to fly a plane was pretty awesome, even though it was the night after the FHM party and I nearly vommed doing a loop the loop.

Worst bit: I would say all the office chat about soup, but I am sad so I actually quite enjoyed that. Probably when I had to carry a load of beers across london for a photoshoot in rush hour. Nobody would give me a seat on the tube, I nearly fell down the escalator and I accidentally kicked someone's tiny dog.

Weirdest bit: Peeling off a squirrel's face in a room with a stuffed monkey staring at me. Simon the stuffed squirrel now resides in the FHM office.

Most embarrassing story: Being driven around central london by the Stig from Top Gear in a huge purple dodgem. Even though the guy is supposed to be a stunt driver, we spent most of it stuck in traffic in Soho with lots of people beeping and swearing at us.

Read more of Lucy's work here...

JOB NEWS, October 2011: Lucy begins role as Social Media Editor at FHM

4/ Chris Mandle joined us after completing his NCTJ at the News Associates in Wimbledon.

Best bit: Going to Berlin to interview the cast of The Hangover 2. I forgot my dictophone, so had to take everything everyone ever said down in shorthand. It turned out okay – Jamie Chung thought I was writing it down in Thai, which started us off on a nice chat – even if it was seeped in lies.  

Worst bit: Nothing! Scratch that, probably writing the dating/relationship features online. As someone whose romantic life resembles a mildly explosive car crash, I felt dispelling any wisdom would only cause bad things to happen. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

Weirdest bit: Having a conversation with a journalist from Playboy Estonia in a textile factory-turned-nightclub about everything that’s wrong with London.  

Most embarrassing moment: Going on a press trip for The Eagle, a Roman film with Channing Tatum starring. Instead of being full of journos it was full of eager, greying historians, who were talking about buildings and swords and boring stuff. I just tried to blend in.

Read more of Chris' work here.

JOB NEWS, December 2011: Chris appointed Deputy Style and Lifestyle Editor, BLOKELY.COM

5/ Jack Oughton joined us after he (in his words) "got a clue" and completed The Catch 22 Academy in Tottenham.

Best bit: Going to Beavauis in France to fly a Fouga Magister jet and play Ace Combat 7 at the airfield. All my infantile dreams of being a fighter pilot realised (kinda). So much g-force and hard rock, and I got to talk about missiles a lot. Everyone loves missiles. Plus we flew there and back in a plane that was a bit like a taxi and they gave us all these croissants...

Worst bit: That's hard, it was pretty awesome. If I had to choose I'd say researching for FHM's Covergirl Profiles section of the site. There's a lot of girls out there to research, and no matter how fun that sounds, it's actually bloody hard work looking up interesting facts some of the lesser known people out there. And then you actually have to verify that it's all true. For one girl I spent about two hours in research to get three lines' worth. BUT I DID IT ANYWAY.

Weirdest bit
: Eating lambs testicles as a means to get my first print byline with FHM. Eating them actually wasn't too hard because I fried them until they resembled blasted pieces of generic meat, that tasted like nothing specific. But preparing them, that was... nightmare fuel. So many veins, 'nodules' and layers of sagging skin. Also there was this faint odour that words cannot describe. It is seared into my soul.

Most embarrassing moment: Reading back on one of my first articles about Kiera Chaplin. Lets just say I really, really missed the point on that one, and the readers let me know about it. Thanks readers. Bad journalism must be PUNISHED and I took my lumps. But, it was all part of the learning process and helped me find out what our readers enjoy.

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