A man surveys the women in a nightclub, picks out the most attractive, and takes a seat next to her at the bar. He uses all his best lines, but gets nowhere. Finally, he reaches into his pocket, takes out a small box, and pulls a frog out of it. ‘Cute,’ says the woman. ‘Is that a pet?’ The man smiled. ‘Yes, and he’s good at doing tricks too.’ ‘Like what?’ ‘He eats pussy. Come back to my place and I’ll prove it to you …’ Once in the bedroom, the girl strips off and puts the frog between her legs. The frog doesn’t move. After a couple of minutes the woman looks at the immobile frog, and finally demands, ‘Well?’ The man shakes his head sorrowfully, picks up the frog, and says, ‘Okay, you idiot, I’m only going to show you one more time.’